My first letter to God on Britain’s war on the poor 1988

Hi God,

Here are some of the extracts from my original letter to you away back in 1988 as promised. I too have read it again just to refresh my own memory and God things really are a lot scarier now. But God now I also see how the Earth was being reclaimed because the immoral structures that create poverty and oppress your people are the very same structures that are creating climate-change and destroying our whole eco-system in the process.  Now I also understand God that if my children or grandchildren don’t have a future, then neither will anyone else’s. So aye God it’s true then that without vision we shall all perish. Continue reading “My first letter to God on Britain’s war on the poor 1988”

My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain

Hi God it’s me again! I am really sorry to bother you again. God. But I am bursting to tell you all the stuff that has been going on behind your back since I first wrote to you back in 1988. Oh God do you still remember? Remember me telling you of the war that was going on against the poor and unemployed in our working class communities? Do you remember me telling you, God, how the people in my community were being killed and terrorised but that there were no soldiers to be seen, no tanks, no bombs being dropped? And so then I asked you God, who could be terrorising and killing the people? I called them cowards, and I asked you where they could all be hiding? Well God, the good news is that when my letter to you was published, people – both rich and poor in Scotland – started to ask themselves the very same question. This enabled me to travel all over the world in search of the truth. Aye it’s true God! Well Cathy has come back home, God, and I have some really big stories to tell you! Guess what, God, not only have I discovered where all the cowards are hiding and hanging out with their rich cronies; but all that stuff I wrote to you then is child’s play compared to what is happening now. Continue reading “My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain”