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My first conversation was with Dan Glass who is a young anti-climate change activist and whose both sets of grandparents were holocaust survivors! Dan was nominated as one of Britain’s most effective green activists and notoriously famous for gluing himself to Gordon Brown. Dan was also one of the ‘Climate 9’ activists who took direct action to close down Aberdeen airport to protest against Donald Trump’s plans to have another runway built to fly in his super-rich friends and pave the way for his contentious golf course at the Balmedia Estate.  The nine of them dressed up as golfers and played ‘crazy golf’ on the runway! Of course the 9 of them were arrested but this also led to the biggest U.K. trial since the failure of the 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen. Experts from all over the world gave evidence in their defence at the trial in Aberdeen. Dan also talks about how he and six of his buddies where put on trial having been accused of trying to close down the coal fired-power station in Ratcliffe-on-Soar and how the trial collapsed when the undercover policeman Mark Kennedy, who had infiltrated their environmental group, offered to give evidence on their behalf.

My second conversation was with Professor David Fryer a Community Critical Psychologist and a world expert on unemployment. David is now currently Head of Research at the Australian Institute of Psychology, Brisbane, Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Professor Extraordinarius at the University of South Africa, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland. I have worked with David for over a quarter of a century now to expose this war on the poor and drawing on our different experiences, expertise and frames of reference to provide different understandings and solutions to this war and the epidemic levels of misery, morbidity and mortality afflicting communities in Scotland and around the world. But the best laugh is that David really exposes how all the propaganda aimed at the unemployed is meant to both be both painful and hurtful and how governments create unemployment and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against your people to keep down inflation and the price of labour.

My third and latest conversation is with Dr Liam Kane a Senior Lecturer at Glasgow University who teaches languages, adult education and also ‘popular education.’ Liam is also a leading expert on the struggle of the people in Latin America who used ‘popular educating’ as a powerful weapon to overcome their poverty and oppression. We discuss the pioneering work of a real ‘visionary’ Brazilian Educator, Paulo Freire, who created ‘popular education’ and who in spite of poverty, imprisonment and exile became a world leader in the struggle for the liberation of poor and deprived communities and classes and which the people in South Africa also used to overcome their racial apartheid. And then I explore with Liam the relevance of ‘popular education’ for the working class communities in Scotland who, as you know, have always been subjected to a post-war social and economic apartheid.

Here’s where you can listen to all the conversations:



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