The poor are about to be crucified again now that Thatcher‘s disciples are back in government, so I’m announcing World War 3 – their war against the poor

Oh Dear God

Really sorry that I have not been back in touch but all merry hell has broken loose since I blogged to you last Easter. I just wish you were on Skype God as it takes so long to write these blogs.   But you will never believe in a month of Sundays what has being going on behind your back now! Remember in my last blog I told you of how Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that both he and the Conservative Party were doing the work of both you and Jesus in their war against the poor. Well get a load of this now both he and his regime must all think that they are Jesus Christ reincarnated! Aye God its true hands up no joking! Remember too I told you of how my children’s collation government had spent billions of the tax payer’s money to these private multinational corporate gangsters like Atos and G4 to both terrorise and humiliate the involuntary unemployed, the sick, disabled and dying and force them to work for nothing in their modern-day chain gangs? Well the cowards have also been terrorising the terminally-ill while they lay dying on their death beds by telling them that if they do not get up a walk and find a job then they will lose their rights to benefits? Oh I know that they are all spiritually bankrupt and politically insane! But does this not defy any sense of belief!

But hey God there is even worse to come! Britain recently had another general election and guesses what? The late Maggie Thatcher’s disciples were voted back into government and have now been given free rein to finish of the job that their hero started! Maggie must surely be dancing on her own grave because not even she had such courage to go that step too far. Now another generation of the working-classes and teenagers are about to have their lives wiped-out in this ‘War without Bullets’ which I first mentioned in my letter to you away back in 1988. Oh I know there are no signs of tanks or bombs being dropped even though the death toll is rising every day but they still have all the ammunition on their side-power, money, the banks, the law, and the media, and the people in your churches who claim to know you and all still under the banner of democracy and respectability. Oh I guess at least people know now where all the financial cowards who have been robbing, terrorising and killing your people are hiding.

But God see the real insanity in this people all over the world have been commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 this year yet the majority of the people  in my own country can’t see that World War 3 is in full swing and right on their very own doorstep! And so nothing seems to have really changed since the time of Jesus except that the rich and powerful are also destroying the lungs of the earth in the process in the worship of their money market god.

Anyhow another Easter has come and gone and all the chocolate eggs have been gobbled back up again and still no sign of Jesus. Oh I know that Jesus is never coming back to try and sort this lot out. But it would be really wonderful if he could and work another one of his miracles that would enable all the sighted people who have been blinded by fear and all their lies, spin and propaganda to open their eyes and see what the cowards have been up to behind their backs too and right under their very noses. But hey enough for now God as feel that both You and Mother Earth must already be cracking-up.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you my wee bit of good-news! Do you remember that 5 minute video that I wrote and presented for the United Nations 20 years ago when I announced World War 3? Well guess what it has come back to life by popular demand. Aye God and you can watch it here.

Lots and lots of love!

Cathy xxxx

Promise not to laugh! The British Prime Minister David Cameron claims that this war on the poor was inspired by both God and Jesus!

Oh Dear God

Promise not to laugh! But will you ever believe what is going on behind your back now! Remember in my last blog I told you all that stuff of how the Cameron Regime had enlisted the help of private companies in their ‘war on the poor’ and paid them billions of the tax payer’s money to terrorise and humiliate the most defenceless people in my society and to force them to work for nothing in their modern-day slave trade? Well, the cowards have given these private companies even more billions, even though some are under criminal investigation to continue with their hate crimes.And now over a million hungry families in Britain are dependent on food banks! But guess what God? Both you and Jesus are getting the blame for all of this! Hands up God, no joking!

Aye God, I am afraid it’s true, in his Easter reception in Downing Street David Cameron claimed that divine inspiration was at work when it came to drafting a key concept for Conservative Party Policy. And that he was simply doing your work when he launched the ‘Big Society’ initiative of volunteering and civic responsibility. He claimed it was invented by Jesus over 2,000 years ago!   Oh God, is he actually comparing the food banks with the parable of the loaves and fishes?  But I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that he told his three children Nancy, Arthur and Florence, of how the real message of Easter was not all about chocolate eggs!   And was also quoted as saying that “The heart of Christianity is to ‘love thy neighbour’”? Oh God, is it any wonder that you have got such a bad name!

Oh, I know God, all of this is no laughing matter but see, when the Bishop of Oxford and the Reverend Keith Hebden attempted to present an open letter to David Cameron, which called on the three party leaders to work with the parliamentary inquiry into food poverty and to implement its recommendations, his constituency office called the police for protection! The letter was signed by 42 Anglian bishops and 600 clerics as part of the End Hunger Fast campaign.

Oh well God I suppose Cameron is following the teachings of his leader, the late Maggie Thatcher, who rewrote her own version of the Sermon that Jesus gave on the mountain that she delivered in her address to the Church of Scotland Assembly away back in 1988.   Aye God, remember her world famous ‘Sermon on the Mound’, ‘there is no such thing as a society’ statement? Aye she also said, “Any set of social and economic arrangement which is not founded on individual responsibility will do nothing but harm. We are all responsible for own actions. We cannot blame society if we disobey the laws. We simply can’t delegate the exercise of mercy and generosity to others….”

Oh God, if the Cameron Regime and their cronies can laugh all the way to the bank then surely you can have a good laugh too, now that he has tried to give both you and Jesus a worse reputation than the poor and unemployed!

Lots of love

Cathy xxxx

Government terrorising the poor and unemployed this Christmas

pay your rentOh Dear God,
Christmas is meant to be a time for peace and goodwill but thousands of men, women and children in the U.K. are facing starvation, social cleansing and homelessness. An estimated 600,000 people have had their benefits sanctioned which includes, job seekers, the sick, disabled, mentally ill and even the dying. Now it has been announced that half a million families already have to go to food banks to feed their children. Then I learned that a Tory Council sent out a humiliating Christmas card to the people they made poor telling them not to indulge at Christmas and ending with a stark warning to ‘Pay your Rent’!

Oh God, I know I told you of how the people in working class communities were being killed and terrorised under the Thatcher Regime in my first letter to you way back in 1988. But never God did I ever expect to witness the extent of this human suffering and hardship since this war against the poor and working classes intensified under our Coalition Government, creating the biggest public health and humanitarian crisis since the end of world war two. Continue reading “Government terrorising the poor and unemployed this Christmas”

Latest Radio Programme on Welfare Reforms

Oh Dear God
I really am sorry for taking so long to blog to you again but sometimes ‘silence really is golden’. Anyhow God I just wanted to share my latest radio programme for Sunny Govan Community Radio about The devastating human impact of my Coalitions Governments Welfare Reforms. My fourth conversation in this series is with long time fellow activist and now Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland Margaret Lynch. Margaret played prominent roles in the Scottish Mediation Network; the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, War on Want and the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF). We have both reflected on our thirty years’ experience of fighting in the front line of this war against the poor and oppressed. Margaret has chosen the songs and music from other activists both at home and abroad which have inspired her in this continuing fight for social and economic justice.

You can listen to it here:

But God I really do have to warn you that my next blog may even blow your own mind away!

Loads of love
Cathy xxx

Now the good news!

Oh God

I am really busting to tell you all my good news! But before I blog to you about my recent experience in Palestine and Jerusalem, I want to share with you the amazing people with real vision and the amazing radio project that I have been involved in.  I have been having conversations with other activists and academic experts to discuss the campaigning tools they use to fight back in the front line of this war against the poor and you’re most vulnerable people and also the people that are making your planet sick. And God, see all the artists and music my guests have chosen which have inspired their fight for justice, they are so amazing too! Aye God and Sunny Govan Community Radio encouraged people who also feel abandoned by their government and the wider society to have their say and develop their full potential. And Guess what God!? My conversations can also be heard world-wide now so I really hope God that you will manage to find a way to listen into them as no doubt you could do with some inspiration too!

You can listen to the shows here: Radio shows

Oh God let’s no kid; no one could ever make these stories up about the real insanity of our lived reality!

Loads of love Cathy xxx

My first letter to God on Britain’s war on the poor 1988

Hi God,

Here are some of the extracts from my original letter to you away back in 1988 as promised. I too have read it again just to refresh my own memory and God things really are a lot scarier now. But God now I also see how the Earth was being reclaimed because the immoral structures that create poverty and oppress your people are the very same structures that are creating climate-change and destroying our whole eco-system in the process.  Now I also understand God that if my children or grandchildren don’t have a future, then neither will anyone else’s. So aye God it’s true then that without vision we shall all perish. Continue reading “My first letter to God on Britain’s war on the poor 1988”

My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain

Hi God it’s me again! I am really sorry to bother you again. God. But I am bursting to tell you all the stuff that has been going on behind your back since I first wrote to you back in 1988. Oh God do you still remember? Remember me telling you of the war that was going on against the poor and unemployed in our working class communities? Do you remember me telling you, God, how the people in my community were being killed and terrorised but that there were no soldiers to be seen, no tanks, no bombs being dropped? And so then I asked you God, who could be terrorising and killing the people? I called them cowards, and I asked you where they could all be hiding? Well God, the good news is that when my letter to you was published, people – both rich and poor in Scotland – started to ask themselves the very same question. This enabled me to travel all over the world in search of the truth. Aye it’s true God! Well Cathy has come back home, God, and I have some really big stories to tell you! Guess what, God, not only have I discovered where all the cowards are hiding and hanging out with their rich cronies; but all that stuff I wrote to you then is child’s play compared to what is happening now. Continue reading “My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain”