The poor are about to be crucified again now that Thatcher‘s disciples are back in government, so I’m announcing World War 3 – their war against the poor

Oh Dear God

Really sorry that I have not been back in touch but all merry hell has broken loose since I blogged to you last Easter. I just wish you were on Skype God as it takes so long to write these blogs.   But you will never believe in a month of Sundays what has being going on behind your back now! Remember in my last blog I told you of how Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that both he and the Conservative Party were doing the work of both you and Jesus in their war against the poor. Well get a load of this now both he and his regime must all think that they are Jesus Christ reincarnated! Aye God its true hands up no joking! Remember too I told you of how my children’s collation government had spent billions of the tax payer’s money to these private multinational corporate gangsters like Atos and G4 to both terrorise and humiliate the involuntary unemployed, the sick, disabled and dying and force them to work for nothing in their modern-day chain gangs? Well the cowards have also been terrorising the terminally-ill while they lay dying on their death beds by telling them that if they do not get up a walk and find a job then they will lose their rights to benefits? Oh I know that they are all spiritually bankrupt and politically insane! But does this not defy any sense of belief!

But hey God there is even worse to come! Britain recently had another general election and guesses what? The late Maggie Thatcher’s disciples were voted back into government and have now been given free rein to finish of the job that their hero started! Maggie must surely be dancing on her own grave because not even she had such courage to go that step too far. Now another generation of the working-classes and teenagers are about to have their lives wiped-out in this ‘War without Bullets’ which I first mentioned in my letter to you away back in 1988. Oh I know there are no signs of tanks or bombs being dropped even though the death toll is rising every day but they still have all the ammunition on their side-power, money, the banks, the law, and the media, and the people in your churches who claim to know you and all still under the banner of democracy and respectability. Oh I guess at least people know now where all the financial cowards who have been robbing, terrorising and killing your people are hiding.

But God see the real insanity in this people all over the world have been commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 this year yet the majority of the people  in my own country can’t see that World War 3 is in full swing and right on their very own doorstep! And so nothing seems to have really changed since the time of Jesus except that the rich and powerful are also destroying the lungs of the earth in the process in the worship of their money market god.

Anyhow another Easter has come and gone and all the chocolate eggs have been gobbled back up again and still no sign of Jesus. Oh I know that Jesus is never coming back to try and sort this lot out. But it would be really wonderful if he could and work another one of his miracles that would enable all the sighted people who have been blinded by fear and all their lies, spin and propaganda to open their eyes and see what the cowards have been up to behind their backs too and right under their very noses. But hey enough for now God as feel that both You and Mother Earth must already be cracking-up.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you my wee bit of good-news! Do you remember that 5 minute video that I wrote and presented for the United Nations 20 years ago when I announced World War 3? Well guess what it has come back to life by popular demand. Aye God and you can watch it here.

Lots and lots of love!

Cathy xxxx

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