Promise not to laugh! The British Prime Minister David Cameron claims that this war on the poor was inspired by both God and Jesus!

Oh Dear God

Promise not to laugh! But will you ever believe what is going on behind your back now! Remember in my last blog I told you all that stuff of how the Cameron Regime had enlisted the help of private companies in their ‘war on the poor’ and paid them billions of the tax payer’s money to terrorise and humiliate the most defenceless people in my society and to force them to work for nothing in their modern-day slave trade? Well, the cowards have given these private companies even more billions, even though some are under criminal investigation to continue with their hate crimes.And now over a million hungry families in Britain are dependent on food banks! But guess what God? Both you and Jesus are getting the blame for all of this! Hands up God, no joking!

Aye God, I am afraid it’s true, in his Easter reception in Downing Street David Cameron claimed that divine inspiration was at work when it came to drafting a key concept for Conservative Party Policy. And that he was simply doing your work when he launched the ‘Big Society’ initiative of volunteering and civic responsibility. He claimed it was invented by Jesus over 2,000 years ago!   Oh God, is he actually comparing the food banks with the parable of the loaves and fishes?  But I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that he told his three children Nancy, Arthur and Florence, of how the real message of Easter was not all about chocolate eggs!   And was also quoted as saying that “The heart of Christianity is to ‘love thy neighbour’”? Oh God, is it any wonder that you have got such a bad name!

Oh, I know God, all of this is no laughing matter but see, when the Bishop of Oxford and the Reverend Keith Hebden attempted to present an open letter to David Cameron, which called on the three party leaders to work with the parliamentary inquiry into food poverty and to implement its recommendations, his constituency office called the police for protection! The letter was signed by 42 Anglian bishops and 600 clerics as part of the End Hunger Fast campaign.

Oh well God I suppose Cameron is following the teachings of his leader, the late Maggie Thatcher, who rewrote her own version of the Sermon that Jesus gave on the mountain that she delivered in her address to the Church of Scotland Assembly away back in 1988.   Aye God, remember her world famous ‘Sermon on the Mound’, ‘there is no such thing as a society’ statement? Aye she also said, “Any set of social and economic arrangement which is not founded on individual responsibility will do nothing but harm. We are all responsible for own actions. We cannot blame society if we disobey the laws. We simply can’t delegate the exercise of mercy and generosity to others….”

Oh God, if the Cameron Regime and their cronies can laugh all the way to the bank then surely you can have a good laugh too, now that he has tried to give both you and Jesus a worse reputation than the poor and unemployed!

Lots of love

Cathy xxxx

3 thoughts on “Promise not to laugh! The British Prime Minister David Cameron claims that this war on the poor was inspired by both God and Jesus!

  1. Fantastic read Cathy….. So glad I met you today and you told me about your blogs 🙂
    Keep it up x

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