Government terrorising the poor and unemployed this Christmas

pay your rentOh Dear God,
Christmas is meant to be a time for peace and goodwill but thousands of men, women and children in the U.K. are facing starvation, social cleansing and homelessness. An estimated 600,000 people have had their benefits sanctioned which includes, job seekers, the sick, disabled, mentally ill and even the dying. Now it has been announced that half a million families already have to go to food banks to feed their children. Then I learned that a Tory Council sent out a humiliating Christmas card to the people they made poor telling them not to indulge at Christmas and ending with a stark warning to ‘Pay your Rent’!

Oh God, I know I told you of how the people in working class communities were being killed and terrorised under the Thatcher Regime in my first letter to you way back in 1988. But never God did I ever expect to witness the extent of this human suffering and hardship since this war against the poor and working classes intensified under our Coalition Government, creating the biggest public health and humanitarian crisis since the end of world war two.

But the tragedy is that the majority of people in Britain have been conned into thinking that this war, which is all being waged under the camouflage of their ‘Welfare Reforms’ and ‘austerity cuts’, is all about saving the tax payers money when in reality it is really costing the tax payers extra billions. Aye God, the government have already given private companies billions to intimidate and humiliate the unemployed the sick and even dying and support them into to work that does not even exist.

But God, the worst has yet to come as Owen Jones, author of the ‘The Demonization of the Working Classes’, revealed that they are even stealing £12 billion from housing benefit from the poor and working poor alike and to use this £12 Billion to subsidise their ‘help to buy scheme’ for the rich and middle-classes, even though they have already been warned that this will inflate house prices even more and create a housing bubble crash. And when the interest rates rise and the people who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage will have their homes stolen it opens up the real possibility that Britain will need to create ‘tent cities’ just like in America.

Even more terrifying God is that the government are giving more billions to these private companies to support George Osborne’s mass welfare-to-work scheme which was created my Bill Clinton and which will force people who claim welfare to work for nothing and also inflate the slave labour which is already going on in this country. Even more shocking, however, is that leading charities like the Salvation Army and these welfare-to-work-companies have already got their snouts-in-the trough and are all scrambling to profit from this mass exploitation. And big corporate companies like Asda, whose low wages are already supplemented by state benefits and allowed to make obscene profits at the tax payers expense, will profit even more by this new free labour.

Sadly the majority of the people in my country actually support these crimes against humanity because they cannot tell fact from fiction as they have been so brainwashed by all the political lies, spin and propaganda pursued by the tabloid press, much of it owned by multi-billionaires and our government’s cronies at the B.B.C. Aye God it’s true and the other ‘pimps of poverty’ at the B.B.C. are as guilty as sin; instead of informing the public of the real facts they continue to make programmes that exploit the poor and most vulnerable which feeds these hate crimes and massive public hysteria and which ‘pits’ the working poor against the poor and unemployed. And as the richest billionaire of all, Warren Buffett, was quoted as saying ‘If there is a class war then we are the ones who are winning.

The true fact is that these ‘welfare reforms’ have got absolutely nothing to do with trying to save the tax payers money but a deliberate strategy started by both the Regan and Thatcher Regime to completely dismantle the ‘Welfare State’ and completely privatise the N.H.S. in Britain and continue to provide more rich pickings for their cronies.
Aye God, and as you already know, the unemployed are not lazy scroungers as I fully explained in the article I wrote when the Church of Scotland Assembly appointed me as one of their 14 Commissioners to report back on the “purposes of economic activity”. I was able to report on how unemployment is a deliberate tool of the money market economy created to keep down the price of inflation and provide a pool of potential workers to do the most boring, dirty, dead end, menial, underpaid, temporary, insecure, stressful jobs. And also to provide competition for jobs from unemployed people allowing employers to drive down wages and working conditions, but most heart breaking is that unemployment is meant to be both painful and hurtful. Aye, God my article, “The price of economic barbarism: an uncomfortable truth” really does explain the real insanity of my children’s reality.

And as one of our great spiritual leaders Nelson Mandela said, that the first causality of any war is not people but the truth.

And so God this Xmas I would like to thank you so much for all the world’s great whistle blowers and bloggers and in particular Johnny Void who really keeps his eye on the ball and informs the British public every day of all the goings on of our government, who are not only morally and spiritually corrupt but also politically insane, through his blog.

Merry Christmas God

Loads and loads of love
Cathy xxxxx

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