Now the good news!

Oh God

I am really busting to tell you all my good news! But before I blog to you about my recent experience in Palestine and Jerusalem, I want to share with you the amazing people with real vision and the amazing radio project that I have been involved in.  I have been having conversations with other activists and academic experts to discuss the campaigning tools they use to fight back in the front line of this war against the poor and you’re most vulnerable people and also the people that are making your planet sick. And God, see all the artists and music my guests have chosen which have inspired their fight for justice, they are so amazing too! Aye God and Sunny Govan Community Radio encouraged people who also feel abandoned by their government and the wider society to have their say and develop their full potential. And Guess what God!? My conversations can also be heard world-wide now so I really hope God that you will manage to find a way to listen into them as no doubt you could do with some inspiration too!

You can listen to the shows here: Radio shows

Oh God let’s no kid; no one could ever make these stories up about the real insanity of our lived reality!

Loads of love Cathy xxx

One thought on “Now the good news!

  1. Cathy.

    I am a new member of the Iona Community and just received your blog (hardcopy) in the material given me from the “Community” upon having been accepted as an associate member. First impressions are lasting, but in this case I shall only consider that first impression of your “blog” on your tour and experiences in the “Holy Land” as “informative”. But I must be frank, as I found a very clear bias toward: Palestinians downtrodden and good, and Israeli’s brutish and bad”.

    While there is no question that the deplorable humanitarian situation in the Gaza and West Bank for Palestinians breaks my heart, and no doubt that of the Creator, is there no longer room for spiritual acumen, and historical context for comment such as yours found in the “blog”. How much better your blog would have been for the Iona Community if it had contained the context in which all Israeli’s live. I speak of the fact that they are surrounded on all sides by states whose official policy is one that seeks the death of all Jews and the complete annihilation of the state of Israel. Might not that observation have provided readers with something lacking in the majority of Christian community “takes” on this sad land.

    You have missed an opportunity to be one of the few who could have helped people make sense of the Israeli steps to protect itself. It lives in fear of direct attack. A starting point for both sides might be the renunciation by Arab states and Palestinians of the “threat” to Israel, and in turn the Israeli’s should stop their “defensive” tactics that inhibit Palestinians from enjoying the life their deserve. Now that would be a illuminating view for our community.

    With greatest respect and love.

    J. Gibson GLAVIN

    PS – having been a Peacekeeper in the Balkans, I have seen how context for acts of violence is important if hearts and minds are to be changed over the long term.


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