My first letter to God on Britain’s war on the poor 1988

Hi God,

Here are some of the extracts from my original letter to you away back in 1988 as promised. I too have read it again just to refresh my own memory and God things really are a lot scarier now. But God now I also see how the Earth was being reclaimed because the immoral structures that create poverty and oppress your people are the very same structures that are creating climate-change and destroying our whole eco-system in the process.  Now I also understand God that if my children or grandchildren don’t have a future, then neither will anyone else’s. So aye God it’s true then that without vision we shall all perish.



Dear God,

I don’t know how I am ever going to post this letter to you. I used to go to your house every Sunday but now you never seem to be in, have you changed to a new address?  I am really frightened. You see God,  I had often listened to my ma and da’s account of the second world war and I prayed to you many times that there would never be another. I grew up thinking that the only real threat to our lives was a nuclear war.  How silly of me, I was so naive then.

It came as such a shock to me then.  When I first had to accept world war three had begun. My first thoughts were for my children, what would happen to them.  I wanted to run – but where to God? There was no escape!  Somehow everything seems so unreal.  All around there is this uneasy calm. I still sit glued to the TV eagerly awaiting the official announcement to come, but always in vain. Oh there are reports of the wars that are going on all over the world.  But God there is never any mention of the war here in Britain – right on our own doorstep.  Why are they all pretending? I was beginning to think I was just having some kind of nightmare till the sirens went off – the cries of my children they were cold and hungry.

People are walking all over the battle fields, the casualties are everywhere to be seen. Your children are dying before they even get a chance to know you and the death toll rising every day. The hospitals are jam-packed just like the prisons. Your people young and old have to sleep in the streets beside the rubbish.

But God there are no soldiers to be seen, no tanks, and no bombs are being dropped.  There is something wrong God.  People are walking about with a blank look on their faces, it’s as though they can’t see. A look of terror even – but God, who could be terrorizing and killing the people?  The cowards, where were they hiding God?

When the penny finally dropped God, I felt so powerless. There was nothing I could do to stop them. They had all the ammunition on their side – power, money, knowledge, the law, the media and most of the people in the churches, and all under the banner of democracy and respectability. All I had on my side was faith in you God.

My husband thought I had gone mad, so did others when I talk of this war, God.  But they can’t be blamed.  The powers that be have done such a good job at deceiving people, lying to them, suppressing the truth, that when people like myself actually speak the truth, we are looked upon with suspicion and regarded as trouble-makers, rebels or simpletons.   Things are so bad God, that there are many people in Britain today who think that our Prime Minister is a very courageous woman because she sticks to an idea in politics which she thinks is the right idea and a true idea when poverty, deprivation, brutality, cruelty are increasing all around us.  They keep telling us that we need to create more wealth.  Yet the wealthier a place we become, the more frightening a place it becomes to live in.  Human life means nothing now God, unless of course you are rich and famous, an MP or a member of the Royal family.  Animals and property are more protected and respected in the courts than most of your people.  The courageous people who have to live and bear the consequences of her good ideas are regarded as scroungers even though money and resources to meet the needs of all your people has never been a problem except in how they are distributed.  I guess it is true what my friend Jeremy Seabrook said, money alone cannot cure what other people’s faith and greed for money has caused. Because as faith in money grows, faith in each other and humanity goes out the window.

You gave them life God; they have no right to take it away, to play God! They even have the cheek to blame it on you God. They blame everything on you.  Every time there is a major disaster they all flock to their churches to pay respect for the dead they killed in search of their profits. History has shown that when self-interest comes in to regarding a nation, or a world, so does ruin. My spirit enabled me to see God that the day of reckoning had come and that the Earth was being reclaimed. Is this true God?

Loads of love

Cathy xx

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