My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain

Hi God it’s me again! I am really sorry to bother you again. God. But I am bursting to tell you all the stuff that has been going on behind your back since I first wrote to you back in 1988. Oh God do you still remember? Remember me telling you of the war that was going on against the poor and unemployed in our working class communities? Do you remember me telling you, God, how the people in my community were being killed and terrorised but that there were no soldiers to be seen, no tanks, no bombs being dropped? And so then I asked you God, who could be terrorising and killing the people? I called them cowards, and I asked you where they could all be hiding? Well God, the good news is that when my letter to you was published, people – both rich and poor in Scotland – started to ask themselves the very same question. This enabled me to travel all over the world in search of the truth. Aye it’s true God! Well Cathy has come back home, God, and I have some really big stories to tell you! Guess what, God, not only have I discovered where all the cowards are hiding and hanging out with their rich cronies; but all that stuff I wrote to you then is child’s play compared to what is happening now. So God, you better start to get a grip because the war against the poor has intensified under my new Coalition Government who now regard the sick, disabled and even the terminally ill as easy targets. Aye God, Maggie’s wains have all grown up. They are the ones in Government now, so no surprise there God, that they are determined to finish off what their hero started. Aye God, and get a load of this, they are mostly millionaires and have even turned our Parliament into a Financial Management Institution to service all their rich and élite cronies. Do you also remember me telling you, God, how World War Three had already begun? Well I was right God! Only this is a war without bullets! It’s true God, no joking! When I was invited to speak at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development away back in 1994, the then Secretary General of the UN, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, said that what the world was experiencing was ‘social and economic Darwinism’. I nearly fell off my chair when the Cuban Ambassador referred to this global market economy as a ‘social and economic time-bomb that would explode in our faces’! Oh God, it was such a relief to get confirmation that a war without bullets was being fought – but with briefcases instead of guns. Aye God, a global market economy which the bankers and the politicians still keep referring to as being ‘free’ but in reality has enslaved humanity in a race towards human, social, economic and environmental destruction. But the best laugh God, is our Prime Minister, David Cameron whose government has launched a worse propaganda hate campaign against the poor, unemployed and single parents than Maggie Thatcher did. He has the cheek to keep insisting that Britain is a Christian society! Oh God, how on earth can we claim to be a Christian society when we are facing the biggest social, economic and humanitarian crisis since World War Two? And when our government are so addicted to power and greed that they are even prepared to steal their own children’s future for the sake of a quick fix on the stock market? Seriously God, I really do feel sorry for you sometimes because you’re starting to get a worse reputation than the poor and unemployed! But please don’t get too down-hearted God, because at least your troops all over the world are still out their fighting on the front line trying to stop these unrelenting barbaric attacks by our governments and their allies on your most defenceless and vulnerable people. Oh, I know God, I told you about all the brutality and cruelty that was going on in the 1980s. But at least under Thatcher we always had some kind of food on the table. But God, my neighbour can only find part-time work as a cleaner. It nearly broke my heart when she chapped on my door the other day and asked to borrow 12p to make up the money to buy her son a pot noddle for his supper! Come on God, does that not really take the biscuit? Anyhow God, I still have millions to tell you – what the cowards and their allies are up to – and who are still camouflaging themselves under the banner of democracy and respectability. But God, people don’t write letters any more they just Blog. So God, I am just going to have to Blog to you. I will try and Blog you on a regular basis to keep you posted on all the current developments of what the cowards are up to in their war against your people. But God, I need to warn you now that you are going to have to keep your wits about you. Talking about wits, I nearly forgot to tell you, remember all that stuff I mentioned to you about Mrs Thatcher? Well it seems that she was suffering from senile dementia and has died. Now, God, please don’t get me wrong, I would never wish that affliction on anyone and I know God that you will never forget my first letter to you. But before I start blogging to you, can you refresh your memory and read what I wrote to you in 1988, please? A lot of bad stuff has happened since then. To make it easier for you God, I’ll post some extracts from my original letter in my next Blog to you. Loads of love Cathy xx

3 thoughts on “My very first Blog to God – The War Against the Poor in Britain

  1. I hope he’s listening too. While you’re about it Cathy, let God know what abominations are being carried in Palestine in his name! Great blog!

  2. Fantastic Cathy! Cathy, I was so scunnered by Cameron’s announcement to celebrate the start of the first world war next year that I am thinking about trying to put together a Scottish commemoration of that horrific event and try to get it published.. Would you be interested in that idea?

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